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About us

Who We Are

Carmento Business Solutions is dedicated to help businesses in growing their profitability and achieve operational excellence using modern tools and technology.

Carmento Business Solutions provides contract Project Management services

Our History


We started offering contract Project Management and Business Analyst services to technology companies looking for the successful delivery of cross-functional projects.


We started offering CRM and ERP solutions along with our Website Development services to our clients. We also introduced website chat services with our chat operators based in our Indian office. We also opened an office in India and started offering website 24/7 chat service and lead generation service to our clients.


We launched our first Artificial Intelligence-driven chat-bot service which helps our customers deal with complex and demanding customer service scenarios using natural language processing and machine learning. Your AI assistant will learn and grow with time and offer an almost human experience to your customers.


NZ based Software developers
Our Software developers are based in New Zealand and we understand the local needs of New Zealand businesses.

We understand Small Businesses
Being a small business ourselves, we understand what problems a typical small business owner experiences. Our technology solutions have evolved throughout our journey of establishing and helping Carmento Immigration to grow into a successful business. Our solutions are time tested and we use them ourselves.

Agile Team
We are religious followers of Agile and Scrum and aspire to deliver maximum value to our customers in the minimum possible time frame.